LED Conversion

Led conversion is a sensitive topic and if not carried out correctly the results can be short lived or cause a valuable vintage unit to lose its classic appeal.

Having received requests from our customers for LED conversion, Cherish44 invested a considerable amount of time to determine how to carry out LED conversion professionally. As a result of this research we have determined that utilization of fuse lamp type LEDs is not the best possible solution for today. For this reason we had to develop our own technology.

The LED conversion we carry out is carefully designed, unique, long lasting, can incorporate illumination intensity adjustment if desired, and is available for eligible units only. Cherish44 is offering LED conversion for select Marantz, McIntosh, and Yamaha units at this time.

Please click  HERE  to contact us to find out if your unit is eligible for a Cherish44 LED conversion.

For LED conversion on a Marantz, please click HERE

For LED conversion on a McIntosh, please click HERE

For LED conversion on a Yamaha, please click HERE


B LG GREY - W1080 - 0 NO L -  6LH