Service Details


Cherish44 provides custom designed service without compromises.

With this principle in mind, we do not provide predetermined restoration packages for a unit without having it inspected. After all, your unit may or may not need all elements of such a package or such a package at all.

On the other hand to prepare a realistic estimate is a serious task.
To prepare a realistic estimate, we need know:
- Exactly what the customer’s expectations are
- All activities which need to be carried out on the unit to be serviced
- All engineering/labor required to carry out necessary service activities
- All necessary parts if any, to carry out the planned service

Without knowing these details, it is not realistic to prepare a successful estimate. For this reason, we ask our customers to send or bring in their units for an evaluation. This initial evaluation is free of charge and enables us to give you a realistic estimate.

If it is not possible to send your unit or bring it in, please examine your unit carefully, take notes as necessary, determine your expectations, and give us a call for a review. We will try our best to give you a price idea for service.

Please bear in mind that the complete service cost of a unit in our field can be calculated accurately only after the unit passes our final evaluation and all applicable final tests.

Shipping to Cherish44


Good packaging does not make a unit sound louder or better. However, poor packaging can be the cause of irreversible damage to your unit. If you are not experienced in packaging vintage audio units and wish to ship your unit to Cherish44, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you to pack your unit right.

Choosing a Carrier

Accidents may happen with any carrier. Therefore choosing a responsible carrier with courteous, meaningful, and results-producing customer service is as important as good packaging.
Another important criteria in choosing a carrier is to choose a carrier which operates a real time website tracking system capable of capturing and reflecting all activities of the carrier accurately and instantaneously.

Shipping Units in a Wooden Cabinet
We do not recommend to ship a unit in a detachable wooden cabinet, particularly if the unit inside the cabinet is heavy.

Shipping Form
Please contact us when you are ready to pack. We can e-mail you a shipping form, which you can fill out and add to the contents of the package or give us a call if you are in a hurry.


All Cherish44 serviced units have a 60-day carry in parts and labor warranty. This warranty does not cover damage due to incorrect use of the unit. This warranty does not cover tubes installed into a unit.

Service Reports

We offer two options.
1. Standard short form report/invoice combination – free of charge
2. Detailed report/invoice combination – subject to a fee

Buy / Trade In

Yes, we do accept trade ins and we buy vintage audio units both with the exception of speakers. Units you would like to sell or trade in do not need to be in good working order, however they do need to be all original, must have good cosmetics, and they need to be resalable.
Please click   HERE  to contact us for your Buy/Trade In inquiries.


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