Hi Bill,  the McIntosh MR78 you have serviced is a peach. It is like silk. The sound is superb. It is very quiet. It has full range along with very low distortion. I know many people think there are better tuners around. I would like to hear them! - Mr. D.V., April, 2017



Fisher 800B Tube Receiver - Hi Bill, Yes! I've been listening to it throughout the week. It's spectacular. It is absolutely dead silent and plays music very sweetly. I am very pleased with the work you've done and I was happy to leave very positive feedback for you on eBay. Thank you for your detailed and skilled work on it. It is the prize of my collection. - Mr. R.F., February, 2017



Hi Bill, I bought a SX-950 here on eBay. Wanted to have it sent to you from person I bought it from. I want you to replace parts as needed. Thanks G.C.      Ps. My Sansui 7070 you refurbished in 2011 is still going strong... - Mr. G.C., August, 2016


… in every instance of each audio project submitted to Cherish44, Mr. Ersoy has exceeded our expectations, and in a manner fair to all principles involved. From our requests for conformance to purchased component specifications reporting to improved redesign of existing audio component circuitry Mr. Ersoy has become a valued partner in our ability to better serve our customers... - Mr. A.J.B.



... I am an audiophile and a collector of classic vintage audio equipment. My extensive collection includes stereo receivers, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, turntables, cassette decks, tuners, and loudspeakers. I select the units I acquire very carefully, evaluate my units thoroughly, and proceed with service activities on these units with the best possible service alternative available near or far, that is known to me. Cherish44 is the service provider for my entire Marantz collection. Here is why.

Cherish44 under the management of Bill Ersoy has the ability not only to service my units, but also the exceptional skill to improve them if and as needed in such a way so that

- The original sound color of my units which I enjoy so much is retained
  - Design and/or assembly related weaknesses of my units are eliminated
  - My units are taken performance-wise well beyond factory specifications

Through my observations and conversations with Bill Ersoy I understand that strict and continuous supplier management, research and development management, operations management, and last but not least quality management are key elements in Cherish44’s most successful approach to my classic audio units. In my opinion it is this organized and combined managerial approach which enables Cherish44 to produce consistently highest possible results in this field.

In my opinion advanced technical knowledge and excellence in management are not the only requirements for successful customer service. A most important ingredient is honesty combined with truthful consultation. Over time I made the experience again and again that the information I was provided with by Cherish44 on my units was nothing but the truth itself... - Mr. D.V.



...I am a customer of Cherish44, I like music, and I am the owner of a pair of well-known Klipsch P39F loudspeakers. I am a collector of high end vintage audio equipment and I got interested in the Sansui AU X1 amplifier. It’s a hard to find amplifier and one of Sansui’s best. Finally I was fortunate to acquire one.

After a while, my AU X1 stopped working. I took it to a local repair service provider and asked for help. The unit was inspected and I was informed that they were not willing to service it due to the complexity of the unit, amount of damage, and lack of test equipment. Having received this let down, I started a search on the internet for another service provider.

I found out that the unit was one of the most difficult amplifiers to service. Finally I was able to locate a service provider in Long Island, NY which gave me hope, as they were known for their competency in servicing vintage units manufactured by Sansui. With that, I shipped my unit to Long Island, NY. Around 3 months later upon my follow up, I learned that no progress was made in servicing my unit. They asked for additional time, which I gave. Three more months passed and not having heard back, I contacted them once again. This time I was informed that the damage in my unit was beyond repair. They suggested taking apart the unit and selling it for parts on the aftermarket. I was not willing to accept this and asked them to wait until further notice.

Once again I started to search for another service provider. This is when I found Cherish44. I contacted them and talked to their manager Bill Ersoy. He was welcoming and invited me to send in my AU X1 for an initial inspection. A week later, my amplifier arrived at their facility. A short while later they informed me of what the problems with the unit were. They also informed me that a restoration of the unit was possible. I gave them the green light and my Sansui AU X1 was added to their wait list. In about 4 months, they started the restoration. The restoration took 3 months and my unit was shipped back to me in May 2013, complete with a service and performance report, and all disassembled and replaced parts.

I was impressed to find out that my unit was now not only fully compliant with the manufacturer’s original specs but was capable of delivering a wonderful soundcolor as well. Since then, I have been using the amplifier… As far as I know, Cherish44 is one of the few service providers for the Sansui AU X1 in the world. Their customer communication is also top-notch. Bill Ersoy took the time to explain in detail what was being done with my unit while the restoration was proceeding. Cherish44 means great service and management... - Mr. S.R.


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